Tanganyika Wildlife Park

You'll Have a Wildly Different Experience at Tanganyika

Animal feeding

Hands-on encounters with animalsTanganyika Wildlife Park is not your typical zoo. You can freely explore the Park where you will encounter supervised and hands-on exhibits, providing in-depth information and highly interactive encounters with some of natures most exotic creatures.

At Tanganyika you may find yourself face to face with a kangaroo, have a giraffe eating out of your hand, or look up to a ring tailed lemur on your shoulder. It's experiences like these that make every visit memorable.

Park Hours

 We are currently closed for the winter

March 12th - 20th: Daily from 10:30 am to 5pm
Also open March 25th, 26th, & 27th

April, Sept, October & 1st Weekend of November

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:30am - 5:00pm

May through Labor Day
Daily 9:00am - 5:00pm

(Saturday, June 11, 2016, we will close early for our annual fundraiser the Twilight Tour)
Hours and Exhibits open may vary due to weather and the welfare of the animals. If it is below 50 degrees, many of the animals will not be out.  Be sure to check the current temperature (not just the high for the day) before you visit. Click here for the animal ride availability.

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General Admission

(does not include sales tax)
Adult Admission - $16.99
Children (3-11) - $11.99
Children (2 & under) - FREE
Seniors (60-89) - $13.99
Seniors (90 and up) - FREE

Military Discount – 15% off w/ Military ID


(does not include sales tax)
Single Stroller - $6.00
Wagon - $9.00
Wheelchair - $15.00
Electric Scooter - $20.00
Large Electric Scooter - $25.00

Interactive Experiences

Tanganyika Wildlife Park has more interactive experiences than any other zoo in Kansas and possibly the Midwest. We offer various degrees of interaction from feeding, petting, or simply walking around in their exhibit. We base the level of interaction by exhibit for safety and to ensure the animals are comfortable in their homes. All interactive experiences are supervised by our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Finally, the interactive experiences do cost extra and additional the money raised helps us feed the animals in the winter.  This is especially important because we are a private, family-owned zoo that receives no government subsidies. Therefore, we must raise over $600,000 a year to care for the animals through the winter. To learn more about the Tanganyika Winter Fund, click here.  Below are some of our more popular interactive experiences:

Food Policy

Tanganyika does have a concession stand that offers various deli sandwiches, hot dogs, and other concession-type food. They also have Pepsi products including gatorade and juice.

You can bring in coolers, but no alcohol & no glass


Schools/Licensed Daycares - $6.50*

*To qualify for this group rate, at least 10 people (age 3 or older) must attend

Group admission for the above groups includes a guided tour by one of our knowledgable guides if your group has 15 or more members and you schedule a tour in advance with our Education Department. The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes. After the tour, you can tour the remainder of the Park on your own. Adults paid for by the group still pay $6.50. Adults paying seperately are $8.00 each. Welcome to use any of the facilities to eat. To learn more, click here.

All other Groups (20 or more paying persons) – $1 off for all admissions

Birthday Parties

Admission as usual unless they qualify for group discount. Free to bring in cake, food, etc. and use any of the facilities available. To learn more about our birthday party packages, click here.